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Task and information management software for comprehensive management of the EHS&S area

The secret of transparency is a well-functioning system

Tracking EHS&S-related tasks and effectively managing available information is a challenge for any company. Failure to do so can have serious consequences: fines and non-compliance, which also affects the company’s economic situation and competitiveness. Based on these, the data, documents, and tasks required for environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and sustainability must be available in a structured way, which the denxpert FOLLOW module collects from different fields and displays in one interface. This makes managerial and employee work more efficient while improving transparency.

Benefits of denxpert Follow

Everything in one place

You no longer have to spend time searching for the right information and documents, as many data, events, and tasks in the EHS&S field can be clearly and responsibly filtered in one system.

Efficient, digitized processes

Even a single, not completed task can have serious human, environmental or material consequences. However, the risk can be greatly reduced by managing the assigned tasks and measures in accordance with the responsibilities.

Internal Audit

1. checklist

2. Documentation

3. Opportunity

Current process

Using denxpert

Data collection

Current process

Information is collected with paper-based solutions, so they can be easily lost, while digitizing data is cumbersome and time-consuming. Continuous manual preparation, version upgrade is required.

Using denxpert

Data entry is simple and easy with the help of a digital device (eg. tablet) and software. The data is sent immediately to a centralized location that is ready for reporting.

Document management

Current process

Digitization of printed documents prolongs the process, archiving and organizing folders require the involvement of several people, which cause the possibility of errors and difficulties in later retrieval.

Using denxpert

Thanks to online data collection, the files are now directly available. Uploaded documents can be easily structured, each with a responsible person and a validity period, the expiration of which will be notified to the relevant employee.

Task management

Current process

An important task has been forgotten, not knowing who is responsible for anything and whether further verification is needed. In fact, it is not even clear what needs to be done.

Using denxpert

Using the module, you can easily, immediately create a task and appoint an approver. Email notifications are sent when tasks are due and changes are in progress.

Task management

Using the module, you can easily, immediately create a task and appoint an approver. Email notifications are sent when tasks are due and changes are in progress.

Document management

The complex, intelligent document manager of the FOLLOW module makes it easy to store, search and assign EHS&S documents.

Quiestionnaires and forms

Create and send online questionnaires to internal and external stakeholders in a matter of seconds, and gather useful data using pre-defined, built-in forms.

Additional features


setting permissions and functions for each user

Data security

GDPR compliance is ensured in terms of data handling and storage

E-mail notification

individually configurable notifications for tasks, documents, questionnaires


completion of tasks after approval by the responsible person


easy search between documents


downloadable data tables, and task reports for management reports

Thanks to the forms created online, the time spent on internal audits was reduced by an average of 1.5 hours.

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software building under one umbrella

We get it

Our in-house team of EHS&S experts develops our solutions together with our developers, committed to an efficient user experience

We understand

Based on our numerous customer interviews and more than 10 years of EHS&S expert experience, we know the challenges that field managers face

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Training online or in person with consulting, sharing best practices for the professional operation of the software at the company’s field.

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Continuous product support, provision of training materials, consultation opportunity

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