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A Due to official declarations, reports, parent company internal reports, data collection is a defining and unavoidable task for EHS&S. In the crossfire of managerial expectations and unmotivated colleagues involved in data collection, it is a very hard task to browse data and create reports from untransparent excels and emails. Denxpert’s DATA solution creates order from this chaos by reducing and simplifying the work of all participants while producing flawless reports.

Denxpert DATA revolutionizes data collection and reporting

Centrally control the entire data collection process

All data runs into a single, intelligent system, finally you can say goodbye to separate spreadsheets and emails.

Collect one time, use endless times

No more redundant data collection: you can use the same data in multiple reports.

Audit-safe reports with a few clicks

For each piece of data, the date, place, and also the person responsible for collection are clearly visible.

Benefits of denxpert Data


Organize your reports and the necessary data collection tasks into projects for an easier overview.

The dilemma of the reporting expert


The manager needs them to provide fast and important data. Accurate reports and statements are expected of them.

EHS&S expert

The expert leads the project in the middle of the whole process and ensures that the management gets what they want and the data provider can do it as efficiently as possible.


They need to get data from colleagues who are not really motivated in the process, it is a hassle for them.

The report induces data collection

While traditional software collects all the data and creates a report from it, denxpert DATA focuses only on the data necessary for the required reports, thus avoiding useless, redundant data collection and reducing the workload of the data collecting colleague.

The entire data collection can be managed from a single, transparent interface

Review the collected and to-be collected data from a single system for greater precision. Create projects, locations, data structures. Assign responsibilities and effectively monitor results.

Ready to use templates and data structure for the most common reports

CCF? TCFD? CSRD? Just select the right, pre-made templates, or entrust this to our global network of consultants, who will build the data collection with standards-compliant templates in a matter of seconds.

Additional features

Manage permissions

Data authentication, logging


Multi-level approval

One-click Excel import/export

Specified fields

Automatic unit change

Gap analysis: filtering out missing data and responsible staff

Denxpert expert support

Expert support for your next data collection project

Unsure what data to collect for your next report?
and create the data structure required by your manager, authority, or parent company.

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software building under one umbrella

We get it

Our in-house team of EHS&S experts develops our solutions together with our developers committed to an efficient user experience.

We understand

Involving our users, we have been honing our software, who have multiple sites, and production lines in different countries and cities. We know what it means to collect data from not-so-motivated colleagues several times a year per location.

We implement

We provide training in person or online and have a consultation with you on how to operate the software, in which after our expert understands the existing processes, integrates them in harmonization with the existing system.

We support

We are updating our system to comply with legal changes.

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