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Monitoring a company’s environmental impact and transferring it into data that is appropriate for the authority is not an easy task. Just think of its many point sources, effluent points, and the multiple pollutants emitted and measured there. Monitoring all of these is a complex task, which must be accomplished at different times, with different frequencies, by collecting data from colleagues working in different fields, to perform a wide variety of official data services.
Make your work more efficient from now on: entrust the handling of air and water data to the denxpert’s intelligent Water & Air module.

Benefits of denxpert Water & Air

Flexible data collection

Review intervals can be set to suit the needs of the company

Easy reporting

Properly collected air and water data can be used to easily extract any reportable data.

Kill two birds with one stone

Not only authority reports, but you also can generate optional internal reports from the collected data.

How Water & Air works in practice

A clear, user-friendly system helps in efficient and accurate data collection, making it an easy part of your daily routine.

Creating data collection

Defining the data
to be collected

Assignment of responsible
colleagues (data collectors and

Data collection (specified collectors, data
are provided with a specified frequency)

Provision of data reports in
accordance with the official forma

Data collection

Flexible data collection in all areas of environmental protection.
The data can be collected in any structure, with any frequency, whether any data related to air quality protection, water management, water quality protection.

Provision of data to authorities

Air data provision:

Water data provision:

Internal reports

Queries with a structure defined by the company can be generated from the logged data.

Other functions


Create internal reports, prepare optional ad hoc reports

Data collection

Data can be collected in any structure, with any frequency

Outsourcing tasks

Responsible colleagues can be assigned at different levels of data collection and data approval

Notifications, deadlines

Alert assigned staff about the data collection deadline. Alert assigned staff on the deadline for declarations

Up-to-date reports

Up-to-date compliance with frequently changing authority reporting requirements

With the help of our software, our customers record data of more than 1000 point sources, nearly 570 thousand m3 of water consumption and more than 100 monitoring measuring points.

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software construction under one umbrella

We get it

Our in-house team of EHS&S experts develops our solutions together with our developers committed to an efficient user experience

We understand

We have been honing our software for 10 years with the help of many manufacturing sites, based on our customers’ suggestions who have several air and water data service obligations. We understand what it means to submit an air emission report for a company with more than 500 point sources.

We implement

We provide training in person or online and have a consultation with you on how to operate the software, in which after our expert understands the existing processes, integrates them in harmonization with the existing system.

We support

We are updating our system to comply with legal changes.

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