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A secure solution for unexpected incidents

An accident at work is always a heavy burden in the life of a company. A sad, unexpected incident can cause a lot of immediate and time-consuming tasks and completing them is key to reducing impacts and preventing future dangers. It is important to have a tool for this in the hands of occupational health and safety experts that provides the most comprehensive support. The denxpert SAFETY module supports precisely and efficiently their work from the reporting of accidents, through investigations, to the completion of regulatory reports, and the management of related measures.

Benefits of denxpert Safety

Covering the process from A to Z

Full coordination of accident-related activities: from the recording of the report, through the investigation, to the provision of regulatory data.

Get more time for preventive action

All data, documents and tasks required for the registration and investigation of accidents are included in a single, transparent system.



Supported completion of official forms

Monitoring of preventive


Simplified report completion

The regulatory forms with our module can be easily filled in without browsing the legislation, with the help of smart search fields. Assists in logging work accident reports, regulatory forms, and notices.

Fishbone chart

Investigation of the causes

To determine the causes of an accident, the module includes a built-in fishbone chart that helps you navigate through the various aspects.

Additional features

Up-to-date forms

Always the most up to date version of regulatory reports with the newest codes

Management of assignees

All incidents can be assigned to a person who will also be notified by email, so no accident remains uninvestigated

Immediate information

The module sends e-mail notifications about submitted accident reports

Built-in task management

The various actions and assignees can be easily tracked in the system

Transparent processes

The home page gives an overview of the user’s assigned incidents and current tasks. The management can see up-to-date information on accident statistics

User friendly design

Customizable, clean interface that is easy to use without pre-training

The time spent with record creation can be half as long as it is when making so manually, not to mention that we rarely get them back for supplementation, since all cumplosory data, codes and attachments are correctly placed.

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software building under one umbrella

We get it

Our in-house team of EHS&S experts develops our solutions together with our developers committed to an efficient user experience.

We understand

We have been honing our software for 10 years based on feedbacks from manufacturing companies. Our solution speeds up administration for on-site and off-site accidents.

We implement

Our consultants provide training in person and online for users to be able to fit the software to their daily work in the easiest way.

We support

We update our system based on the changes of legislation.

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