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With our EHS&S software, compliance and operation with authority and organizational regulations should no longer be a suffocating compulsion, but a piece of cake.

Satisfied users of denxpert software solutions

No more worries before an EHS&S audit with our EHS&S management software

Imagine a year when you don’t have to face invisible risks: when you no longer need to worry whether your colleagues have covered everything regarding environmental, health and safety, and regulatory compliance. When you can make sure all the activities of your company are on track before the hair-splitting audits; and that you can easily meet the high expectations of the parent company. Meet denxpert’s health and safety software.

With denxpert’s EHS&S management software solutions make all this possible for your company, even from next week.

Lightning-fast EHS&S safety net for your company

All modules of the EHS&S software can be implemented extremely quickly and with high efficiency for safe operation.

EHS&S Management Simplified

Instead of being snowed under the paperwork, find the information you are looking for right away in a digital, searchable database customized for your company. With our EHS&S management software, the processes required for environmental and occupational safety compliance will be accelerated and responsibilities can be tracked.

Eliminate human error

Since the work of professionals is supported by constant EHS&S software monitoring, omissions can be avoided. Such monitoring reveals who the responsible person is beforehand, and the EHS&S management software helps with the correction right away.

A transparent dashboard of processes

The managing director can easily follow the work of the EHS&S colleagues in a well-interpreted, visual interface. Moreover, prior to EHS&S audits, a transparent, verifiable readiness status supports a better and faster preparation.

Optional, cooperating modules


Intelligent registration and simpler auditing of legal implications and authority regulations


Registration and management software for chemicals with cloud-based access that provides a lightning-fast solution for any field


Smart data collection for various reports from energy to sustainability, with automation and expert help in the background

Water & Air

A transparent system of records for air quality protection and water management


Waste management from generation to disposal, conjured to precision


Seamless incident tracking for workplace accidents


Bridging task management software for EHS&S tasks and documents affecting different areas


An efficient system of information, documents and futures related to cranes

Global solution, local compliance

With denxpert EHS&S management, your company can operate more sustainably both locally and internationally: our software can be used in the same way in any country where there is a subsidiary or an additional plant.


With the help of the software, the managing director can see the EHS&S data, tasks, and achievements not only of his own company, but also of foreign subsidiaries on his dashboard, and enjoy full transparency for risk-free operation.


The up-to-dateness and reliability of local legislation are ensured by denxpert itself by working with a local specialist partner company in each of the countries concerned. This partner company will update any changes to the content of the software.

Features of denxpert solutions

with standards

Compliance with national regulations

Cloud-based, hardware-independent accessibility

Cost-effective implementation
and operation

Manage access rights for users with multiple roles



Fast implementation

with standards

Compliance with national regulations

Cloud-based, hardware-independent accessibility

Cost-effective implementation
and operation

Manage access rights for users with multiple roles



Fast implementation

In 2022, our health and safety software supported more than 10,000 successful EHS&S audits

Easy and fast implementation

denxpert modules integrate easily with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) when needed, as our solutions are targeted softwares that perform a specific function and complement existing systems without any problems.
The launch and implementation itself take a couple of days , which does not cause any disruption in the affected colleagues’ (EHS, IT) daily work. We help you personally with the implementation as well as provide tutorials so that later additional users will also be able to record the data expected from them in the EHS&S software confidently.

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software building under one umbrella

We get it

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software building under one umbrella

We understand

We know the risks and processes of your company, we have an overview on the daily operation of hundreds of companies

We implement

We have the market experience to implement the most useful processes and effective EHS&S management

We support

Should anything arise, our expert colleagues are available and can give you practical advice even at your site

About us

Someone needs to bring order to chaos

– or how we developed from a consulting firm to become a supplier partner of an innovative and customized EHS&S software solution.

Denxpert grew out of one of the leading consulting firms in the Central and Eastern European region and began an independent life in 2021. However, our professional roots go back as far as 2006. We consider our services to be amongst the easiest solutions to implement in the international market with a local support network.
Our recipe for this is the following: together with colleagues with field experience at international companies and the best experts in the field of user-friendly user experience, we have worked for years to find the optimum between professional suitability and user experience to make life easier for thousands of companies.

Probably the most user-friendly EHS&S software in the world, based on our customer satisfaction NPS ® survey.

100.000 +

hours of design and development

good work takes time, we have designed and developed denxpert together with our international partners in 13 years

500 + companies

More than 500 companies use our EHS&S modules in different countries around the world

60 minutes

denxpert is an EHS&S framework that can be built in minutes

for a client we provided a ready-to-start system with users and sites in just 1 hour

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