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Get rid of compliance stress.
Intuitive cloud-based legal compliance software for EHS&S professionals to minimize the health and safety legislation risks associated with industry regulations and other requirements.

Do your job responsibly and innovatively with our legal compliance software

The future of a company may depend on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Any pollution or accident can result in severe penalties, and supplier contracts as a source of revenue for the company can depend on periodic regulatory audits. EHS&S professionals, therefore, have a huge responsibility … and an intransparent amount of administration. Instead of browsing the Bulletin, entrust all this to denxpert legal compliance software, which provides an easy-to-use, professional solution for customized, electronic registration and auditing of legal implications, environmental legislation, health & safety legislation and regulatory requirements, as well as effective tracking of tasks. Get ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001 covered  in one legal compliance software.

Fields covered by denxpert legal compliance software

Environmental legislation

ISO 14001 software

Energy legislation

ISO 50001 software

Work and fire protection

ISO 45001 software

Quality management

ISO 9001 software

Benefits of denxpert LEGAL

Focuses on the point

To avoid irrelevant, misleading information, the software includes a list of site-level implications specific to the company’s activities with periodic changes. When introducing the legal implications, in consultation with the EHS&S expert, we develop them in a personalized profile; in case of a change, the personalized list can be easily complemented. If required, we update the legal profile by visiting the site in person.

Automated operational compliance processes

1. Plan

Monthly legal compliance assessment by site-specific legal content

2. Do

Implications related task and document management

3. Check

  •  Feedback functions
  •  Control of activities
  •  Record of history
  •  Attach documents

4. Act

  • Implement legal compliance in practice
  • Create audit lists
  • Conduct internal audits
Relevancy Assessment

Evaluate your company's legal compliance

Assess in a matter of seconds with our personal help, which implications are relevant to your company and which ones are still to be worked on to achieve legal compliance.


See through your company’s compliance in an instant

The easy-to-navigate web interface can manage multiple sites and activities. It sends e-mail notifications about tasks and responsibilities, and its database can be filtered for both non-compliances and tasks. It also has a management overview dashboard about the current legal compliance status.

Audit and task management

Managing tasks and responsibilities with the legal compliance software

Allocate responsibilities transparently, track to-be-performed and already completed tasks, document performed activities, so the Health and safety legislation audit remains a mere formality with denxpert’s legal compliance software.

Evaluate your legal compliance from obligation to obligation

The company manager can easily follow the work of EHS&S colleagues in a well-interpreted, visual interface. In addition, before audits, a transparent, verifiable state of readiness supports a faster and more thorough preparation.

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional legal compliance software building under one umbrella

We get it

Our in-house team of EHS&S experts develops our solutions together with our developers, committed to an efficient user experience.

We understand

The bulletin browsing is over: we interpret the latest legislation as well as how the client works, and send practice-centric implications based on them.

We implement

At the time of implementation, the legal requirements are tailored to the company, and in the event of a change, the periodic updates appear automatically.

We support

If you have any questions, we are available via phone, or we can even come in person and help you achieve compliance.

Our professional cooperating partners

With our global partner-network, professional support is provided globally with our local partners

Denxpert users around the world

In 2020, our solutions supported more than 10,000 successful audits

Start your journey to legal compliance with the free denxpert LEGAL Lite


Free trial
The Demo version is a FREE trial that provides insight into how a fictional compnay (Hardhat Factory) benefits from using the software. 


Individualized compliance software
This version is the perfect choice if you are about to have an audit and need a quick solution, or if you just want to know all the regulatory tasks of your company (environmental legislation, occupational safety, energy legislation).


Full compliance software with legal and regulatory requirements
Your company is maximalist in everything, in addition to continuing to perform perfectly in audits, you also want to know your own permits and procedures in an orderly, transparent and easy-to-manage way.

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