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Rise above the challenges of cranes

The more cranes a company has, the more complexity it is to file and handle related documents and to manage the tasks that arise – commissioning, decommissioning, inspections, maintenance, repairs. This is usually done at different times, with different frequencies, with the involvement of colleagues working in different fields, and if an error slips into the system, it also affects the operation of the company.
Entrust the issue of cranes to denxpert’s up-to-date, all-knowing CRANE software, which saves a lot of time and energy for not only EHS&S professionals but also operators and maintenance staff.

Benefits of denxpert Crane

Transparent operating statuses

The crane registers kept by field show immediately which cranes are in operation, which are under repair or decommission.

Transparent system, tailored to cranes

Automate documentation and other tasks around cranes throughout the lifecycle of each crane

Periodic inspections

For each crane, the period of the main inspection, the structural inspection, the periodic safety inspection, the contact protection inspection and the repetition of maintenance may be specified. In case of compliance, the system automatically plans the next time.

Regional register

A site-by-site record can be kept of each crane to which access can be fully customized. This way, the colleagues see in their own list the machines that have been put into operation in the area assigned to them.

Ad hoc maintenance

An unexpected event may occur with the crane during operation. A maintenance report can then be assigned to the crane and tasks related to the necessary further actions can be delegated to those responsible.

Other functions


Site lists of commissioned, decommissioned cranes can be queried immediately

Information sheets

The most important data of the cranes are easy to review (e.g. type, inventory number, serial number, production time, load capacity, etc.)

Customizable period times

Periods of revisions can be set to suit the needs of the company

Overview of tasks

All tasks can be reviewed in one interface, whether planned or ad hoc. Expired and expiring tasks are highlighted

Contact person

The cranes can be assigned to a contact person responsible for the operation of the machine, so all information about the cranes will be provided to the contact person.

In 2020, we reminded our customers of approximately 1,000 crane inspections and maintenance

Why denxpert?

Reliable EHS&S expertise and professional software construction under one umbrella

We get it

Our in-house team of EHS&S experts develops our solutions together with our developers committed to an efficient user experience.

We understand

Involving our users, we hone our software, who have plenty of sites and many different cranes. We know what it means to “keep in mind” several deadlines and hundreds of pages per crane per year.

We implement

We provide training in person or online and have a consultation with you on how to operate the software, in which after our expert understands the existing processes, integrates them in harmonization with the existing system.

We support

We are updating our system to comply with legal changes.

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