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CSR, Sustainability, ESG - definitions & differences

CSR, Sustainability, and ESG strategy


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Corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Are we talking about the same thing, or are there differences? Does ESG in brackets after sustainability mean the same thing? These terms are used in parallel, often as synonyms for each other, although there are significant differences to the expert eye. As a manager, but also often as a professional, it is difficult to navigate the ever-growing set of expectations. Watch our webinar recording, and let us put these concepts in place.  

Presenter:  Csaba Csiszkó (ESG & Sustainability Expert, Sustainability Service Leader, denkstatt Hungary)  

The format of the event is a 20-minute-long mini webinar.

What can you expect?

About ESG

What is ESG, and why is easier ESG reporting critical?

ESG is the abbreviation for Environmental, Social, Governance, and it’s the world of numbers coming from the investor community. ESG strategy is about: risk management and exposure based on numbers, measures, and KPIs.

Thus, well-designed ESG reporting is crucial. However, identifying and collecting the correct data and producing the right reports can be a huge challenge for many organizations. Denxpert’s ESG solution creates order from this chaos by reducing and simplifying the work of all participants while producing flawless reports. 


Interested in simplifying your ESG reporting?

Why is ESG a hot topic & why you should care about ESG strategy?

As we are experiencing a profound shift in regulatory requirements (eg. CSR) and stakeholder expectations, the pressure on corporate boards to develop and execute a transparent and scalable ESG strategyplan is more crucial than ever. However, understanding ESG, defining and collecting the right data, and creating adequate reports can be a huge challenge for many organizations. 



Due to lack of standardization, there are myriad ways to approach ESG and sustainability as well as specific criteria by which organizations are evaluated. At Denxpert, we’re excited to assist your organization in becoming a more sustainable enterprise by turning your ESG liabilities into a streamlined process & a growth opportunity.