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Let me introduce our denxpert LEGAL DEMO software

We use the system for our EHS legal management to make processes easier and more effective. 

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At the Hardhat factory it's important for us that we always stay up-to-date with legislation changes

By using denxpert we can minimize the health and safety legislation risks associated with industry regulations and other requirements

Let me introduce our denxpert LEGAL demo software

It’s so great that we can avoid irrelevant, misleading

information, because the software includes a list of site-level implications specific to our activities.

The software detects and notifies you

if there are new, important information, so you can be sure that you do not miss anything.

A team of experts analyzes the current legislations

and checks their applicability through their field experience. In the software database we can see these legislations, which saves us time that we can spend on other important tasks.

We are human and we make mistakes but our work is supported by EHS software monitoring, so human error is minimized!

It reveals who the responsible person is, and the software helps with the correction right away. New colleagues can get trained easily, and there is no need to worry when someone leaves, as everything is saved in the system.

What about me?

The company manager can easily follow the work of EHS colleagues in a well-interpreted, visual interface. In addition, before audits, a transparent, verifiable state of readiness supports a faster and more thorough preparation.

And our subsidiaries and plants around the world can also ensure the highest level of EHS&S compliance through denxperts international network of partners.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

I'm inviting you to check out the system and see for yourself!

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