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Inogen Alliance launches a global EHS podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals. Local Delivery. 



19 June, 2024, Hungary denxpert is proud to announce the launch of a global podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals, Local Delivery together as a sponsors through Inogen Alliance. On this podcast, we’ll traverse the globe to unearth the stories of EHS and sustainability communities making an impact on the ground. We’ll share compelling stories, expert insights, and diverse perspectives to highlight tangible solutions and share innovative strategies to drive change. 

The idea for a global podcast stemmed from seeking a global channel to easily share more local insights from all corners of the world. We wanted to give back to our EHS community and have a platform to share expertise, learnings, challenges and discussion on the most urgent and trending topics. It is only through collaboration and learning that we will progress some of the most urgent global goals together.  

The Alliance members regularly meet through 10 global working groups on topics such as water, sustainability, energy transition, remediation, mergers & acquisitions, health & safety and more. Through our bi-annual in-person meetings we also hear from many of experts through the Alliance. We want to share more of this expertise and stories with a broader, external audience. 

“I truly believe that really great things can happen out of global cooperation. And if you think about it all the way up to climate change and our ability to have an impact, that’s global cooperation because we can’t do it alone. So I do see the Alliance as a bit of a replica of what can be successful when you work together as teams across countries and cultures and languages,” Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance. 

Whether you’re an EHS practitioner, a sustainability specialist, or a leader striving to improve your organization, subscribe and listen to this new series to gain insights and learn from our local experts on the ground. 

Subscribe now on Apple, Spotify or view more details and episodes on this page here. 

Upcoming episode topics include: 

  • A global view of the most pressing topics and importance of local understanding 
  • Flooding recent stories from Brazil, tools, response and adaption expertise from Germany and New Zealand 
  • PFAS chemicals and varying responses globally 
  • Occupational health and how companies are evolving with Total Worker Health, mental health and differing local approaches with the USA, Switzerland and New Zealand. 
  • And more to come on Energy Transition, CSRD, Financial Markets, Biodiversity, COP29, Water Stewardship, EHS Audits globally and Social and Environmental Justice. 

Our professional host is Phil Dillard an entrepreneur, educator, business strategist, Lean Startup expert and subject matter expert and practitioner of Waste-to-Value, Circular Economy and Regenerative Economy solutions. As a former naval officer, corporate strategist and manufacturing executive, Phil managed organizational growth, business strategy, fundraising and operations. Phil is the Founder & CEO of Thruline Networks. 

Upcoming speakers in episodes include Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance; Agenor Freitas, Antea Brasil; Jon Rix, Tonkin + Taylor New Zealand; Andreas Deckelmann, HPC Germany; Alizabeth Aramowicz-Smith, Antea Group USA; Sofiane Kessouar, Baden Consulting Switzerland; Bruno Zapata, Tonkin + Taylor New Zealand; Lida Tan, Anew Global Consulting China; Róbert Szücs-Winkler, denxpert Hungary, and more to come.

The global podcast is made possible by sponsoring Associates Anew Global Consulting, Antea Group USA, Antea Brasil,  Ayrton Group, Baden Consulting, denxpert, EnviroSolutions & Consulting, HPC AG, Sustainera, and Tonkin + Taylor. Our podcast production company is Caspian Studios. 

About denxpert

Denxpert is an ESG and EHS management consulting and software-as-a-service provider with over 15 years of experience in the field. Our focus is to provide organizations with a one-stop shop that enables swift and hassle-free management of applicable legislation, obligations, and optimized processes. 

Denxpert specializes in innovative and customized ESG, CSRD and EHS&S software solutions used by more than 500 of the world’s leading organizations. We consider our services to be amongst the easiest solutions to implement in the international market with a local expert network.

About Inogen Alliance 

Inogen Alliance is a global network made up of dozens of independent local businesses and over 6,000 consultants around the world who can help make your project a success. Our Associates collaborate closely to serve multinational corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, and we share knowledge and industry experience to provide the highest quality service to our clients. If you want to learn more about how you can work with Inogen Alliance, you can explore our Associates or Contact Us. Watch for more News & Blog updates here and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Inogen Alliance launches a global EHS podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals. Local Delivery. 

Denxpert is proud to announce the launch of a global podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals, Local Delivery together as a sponsors through Inogen Alliance.

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