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Denxpert helps corporates align their business vision with ESG requirements through intuitive compliance, report-driven data collecting, and 15+years of experience.

The CSRD (Corporate sustainability reporting directive) has been approved by the EU, and reporting obligations starts in 2024. Learn more about the new reporting directive:

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While meeting ESG standards is crucial to stay competitive, compliance can feel daunting without expert help

As we are experiencing a profound shift in regulatory requirements (eg. CSRD) and stakeholder expectations, the pressure on corporate boards to develop and execute a transparent and scalable ESG strategy is more crucial than ever. However, understanding ESG, defining and collecting the right data, and creating adequate reports can be a huge challenge for many organizations.

Due to lack of standardization, there are myriad ways to approach environmental social governance and sustainability as well as specific criteria by which organizations are evaluated. At Denxpert, we’re excited to assist your organization in becoming a more sustainable enterprise by turning your ESG liabilities into a streamlined process & a growth opportunity.

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Denxpert revolutionizes the way corporations manage ESG-minded data and create audit-safe reports

Let our expert team set you up for ESG success

Our team of experts will bring order to chaos by offering step-by-step guidance throughout your ESG journey.

Manage all of your ESG operations in one place

With our intuitive ESG management software,  compliance, data collection, and reporting will become effortless.

Stay competitive by sustainable growth

Denxpert helps find your competitive edge through balancing profit,
environment, and society.

Turn your ESG liabilities into a streamlined process


Achieve your corporate vision with an ESG-minded business strategy

With ESG comprising so many elements, your strategy must be tailored to your stakeholders and materiality assessment. A bespoke solution requires the consideration of your corporate goals, products, and value chains. Our experts can help you turn your corporate vision into a practical environmental social governance roadmap.


Evaluate your company's compliance with ease

Assess in a matter of seconds with our personal help, which implications are relevant to your company and which ones are still to be worked on to achieve compliance.


Simplify data collection chaos into a few clicks

In the crossfire of managerial expectations and overwhelmed colleagues involved in data collection, it is a very hard task to browse data and create reports from untransparent excels and emails. Denxpert’s ESG solution creates order from this chaos by reducing and simplifying the work of all participants while producing flawless reports.


Audit-safe reports that increase ESG ratings

CCF? TCFD? CSRD? Just select the right, pre-made templates, or entrust this to our global network of consultants, who will build the data collection with standards-compliant templates in a matter of seconds.

Denxpert expert support

Expert guidance through your ESG strategy

Prioritizing ESG inside your organization is one of the most important decisions to ensure long-term business growth. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

We know what it means to implement such a tremendous change. With the help of our ESG specialized consultants, you will feel confident at every step of the way.

Our professional cooperating partners

As a member of the Inogen Alliance global network, professional support is provided in any country, and local partners help in the following countries

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Germany, Poland, French, Italy


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EBOOK: Sustainable Growth Through ESG Alignment

Understand the basics of ESG compliance with our newest, easy-to-read, practical guide.

ESG, CSRD webinars and E-books


The Ultimate CSRD & ESRS Handbook

This ebook is designed to provide an overview of both the CSRD and the ESRS, which outlines the rules and requirements for companies in sustainability reporting.


Sustainability Journey - Setting up a sustainability system

Presenter: Csaba Csiszkó (ESG & Sustainability Expert, Sustainability Service Leader, denkstatt Hungary)


ESG Report in 8 Steps

A strong ESG program will stand its ground in the long run, responding to investor needs and societal change. Download the -ebook and learn about how to get a good ESG rating.


denxpert recieves €1M in seed funding

denxpert recieves €1M in seed funding

Denxpert received €1M in seed funding from Óbuda Uni Venture Capital (ÓUVC) and Sofia Angels Ventures (SAV).
Inogen Alliance launches a global EHS podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals. Local Delivery. 

Inogen Alliance launches a global EHS podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals. Local Delivery. 

Denxpert is proud to announce the launch of a global podcast Rethinking EHS: Global Goals, Local Delivery together as a…
Verdantix recognizes denxpert as a Smart Innovator

Verdantix recognizes denxpert as a Smart Innovator

Denxpert has been recognized as a leading vendor in the 2024 Smart Innovators: Environmental Compliance Software Report by the global…

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