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Q&A of CSRD and ESG reporting

During a Q&A session, various critical topics concerning ESG reporting, the CSRD, and its implementation within organizations were discussed. These inquiries shed light on the challenges, strategies, and essential aspects involved in aligning with these sustainability reporting frameworks.

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(RE)Read it, (RE)watch it – learn & enjoy: 1: Webinar: CSR, Sustainability and ESG- definitions and differences 2: E-book: ESG Report in 8 steps 3. Webinar: Sustainability Journey: Setting up a Sustainability system 1. Blog: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) explained 1. Comic: ESG Nightmare (EHS Story) While you you’re here- Don’t forget to try our new free trial: …

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Top 7 ESG Trends to Watch in 2022/2023

Over the past decade, ESG has gone from the niche to the mainstream. Investors and companies have seen increased regulations, transparency requirements, and a proliferation of standards. They recognized that ESG rating is a tool to supply valuable investment information and measure progress facing challenges like climate change.  Measurement is essential, as the already obvious …

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